Frequently asked questions


What is IPTV and how doest it work?

IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) is the latest system of watching TV, replacing the old fashion Cable TV or Satellite Dish system setup on roof or D2H (Direct To Home) services. With a fast fiber internet connection a LiveTV channel will simultaneously keep downloading stream and you’ll be able to watch that TV channel feel as Live TV Channel.
You can watch Live TV channels, Movies, Shows and Sports Live and Downloaded as VOD series.

Can I change from M3U to MAC or MAC to M3U?

Yes you can Please conatct us to know your order id or current username and new MAC

Do you allow VPN?

Yes our service is compatible with Virtual Private Network.

How to determine speed and quality?

Please use speed test server below to test your internet connection, Do this few times through the day. This will give you a good idea of overall internet speed available to you. A stable 4.0 Mbps is the minimum requirement.

Can I use IPTV as an alternative to satellite service?

Sure, it is possible for you to purchase IPTV as an alternative to satellite service because you don’t need to buy a dish and you can get the connection with your existing broadband connection.

What types of devices are supported?

We support Most devices , Android Smart Phones, including Smart TV, Kodi, Vu+, VLC, PC, DreamBox, Enigma, Android Boxes, and Max.

Do you offer a Refund?

we offer a full refund within 7 days of your date of purchase.

How do I know if my IPTV device has no problem?

  • - As the first thing, you need to make sure that the internet connection is working.
  • - Make sure that other devices connected to the network, such as your laptop is not overloading the network and consuming bandwidth.
  • - Ensure having a download speed of at least 4Mbps and upload speed of 1Mbps.
  • - Reboot the device, wait for 30 seconds and turn it on.
  • - Kindly make sure that you have connected the device to router via Ethernet cable, instead of Wi-Fi.
  • - If there is an issue with connection, you should double check credentials on another device.
  • - You can visit, copy your IPD address and send us to restore.
  • - Check if the device has got latest firmware updates and app has got latest software updates.
  • - Double check the download speed on your computer.
  • - Check if there are any bandwidth consuming apps are running. If so, you need to quit them.
  • - Connect with your ISP and see if there is an issue in your area.
  • - Try to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Do you have TV Guide EPG (Electronic Program Guide)?

  • Yes, we have EPG (Electronic Program Guide).
  • Note: EPG doesn’t work for all channels/countries.
  • What is Kodi?

    Known as XBMC in the past, Kodi is an open-source software that plays media for free. It was created by a non-profit technology group named the XBMC Foundation. Kodi is accessible on several hardware platforms and operating systems. The software has a 10-foot long interface and is to be used for remote control and TV functions. Have a look at the company's website ( for more details.

    What does the package include?

    When you subscribe to NEXTIPTV, you get login credentials to IPTV server with instructions for how to setup it on your device.

    Can I Run The One Subscription On Multiple Devices?

    No, as every subscription runs on 1 device of your choice and therefore meaning you can’t run it on multiple devices at the same time. If you buy a new device or need it putting on a different device let us know and we can activate it on your other devices for you. If you want it on 2 devices at the same time you would need to buy 2 subscriptions.


    We accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    How to install your IPTV on Android?

    There is a lot of IPTV apps on Play Store but in this tutorial, we will use “IPTV” app. You can download the app from play store, but I’m giving you the download link bellow.

  • Download Link:
  • Install the App, Open it, Click on navigation menu icon then click on the area “More……”.
  • Now you have to enter your M3U playlist URL. BTW, the M3U URL link available on your member area.

    If while you are watching a channel the service appears to have paused, simply select and open another channel, then return to the original channel to see if it is now playing, this can be due to break in transmission for a second, the software will halt under these conditions.

    How to install your IPTV on iOS?

    You can use KODI if your device is jailbroken, if no you can use this app GSE SMART IPTV or IPTV as explained on ANDROID Part.

  • Go to the remote playlist.
  • Add the M3U URL link available on your member area.
  • How to install your IPTV on SMART TV?

  • To install our IPTV channels on your SMART TV, you will need to download Smart IPTV app (SIPTV) and follow the steps available on their website
  • Or you can still use the IPTV app as explained in the Android part.
  • How to install your IPTV on MAG?

  • Leave your Mac Address with the order NOTE.
  • Enter our URL PORTAL on your Mag.
  • URL Portal:
  • How long will it take to receive my order?

    We aim to email you within 5min – 1 hour of purchase to arrange setup of your order. Please note during busy periods at evenings and weekends orders may take up to 2 hours to process.

    I’m getting a black screen in all channels, what should I do?

    If you are using a set-top box such as MAG or AVOV and have just set up your device with our service, you will need to perform a hard reset of your device. Simply power off your device, unplug your power cable and re-plug it in.For Kodi, you will need to clear your cache. If unsuccessful, attempt a re-install of Kodi itself.